Widespread Bomb Scares: Capitols Under Threat

On Wednesday, multiple state capitol buildings across the United States were evacuated due to bomb threats, although no explosives were subsequently found. The states affected by these threats included Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Montana. The FBI, in a statement, indicated they had no specific information about a credible threat but were continuing to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation.

Georgia Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling (R) initially alerted the public to a threat at the Georgia State Capitol via a social media post on X (formerly known as Twitter), advising people to avoid the area until an all-clear was given. Later in the day, Sterling addressed the wider context of similar threats in other states, cautioning Americans against making assumptions about the perpetrators and urging them not to let these incidents heighten tensions.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) responded to the threat in his state, sharing on X that law enforcement was investigating an email received by the Kentucky secretary of state’s office claiming bombs were placed in state buildings. He expressed gratitude to first responders for their quick actions.

In Connecticut, the State Capitol was evacuated after an email claimed multiple explosives were in the building. Scott Driscoll of the Connecticut State Capitol Police Department confirmed that the email appeared to have been sent to several states.

Similarly, the Mississippi State Capitol experienced a lockdown and evacuation due to a bomb threat, with bomb-sniffing dogs deployed for a search. Bailey Martin, a spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, reported that the situation was cleared with no further threat.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R) also commented on the incident on X, thanking the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers for their prompt response.

Despite receiving bomb threats, Wyoming did not close or evacuate any state buildings. Reports indicated that a mass email containing a bomb threat was sent to multiple state entities. As of Wednesday evening, no bombs had been found in any of the threatened buildings.