“We Need A New President” TV Host Spills The Beans

Stephen A. Smith, a sports analyst at ESPN, recently stated that he’s unlikely to vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 election. He thinks it’s time for America to welcome a fresh face to the Presidential role.

As per Fox News, Smith shared concerns about Biden’s ability to fulfill his Presidential duties, given his age. The analyst advocates for another candidate to step forward for the Democrat nomination in the 2024 race.

Smith expressed his worries on a Friday. His concerns heightened after President Biden had an awkward tumble at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. Biden said he tripped because of a wrongly positioned sandbag.

The ESPN commentator emphasized that he supported Biden during the 2020 election. However, he doesn’t insist on Biden being ousted from his position. Instead, he proposes that Biden step away from politics instead of seeking another term.

Smith didn’t hold back from criticizing the Democrat Party for endorsing candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Marianne Williamson, and Biden. Interestingly, he didn’t object to Michelle Obama running for office.

A historical highlight reveals that when Biden was just 29 years old, serving as a councilor in Delaware, he ran an intense Senate campaign. His determination and zeal secured him the victory.

During that period, Biden opposed Republican Senator Cale Boggs, arguing that Boggs was too old for the role. Biden even proudly shared with fellow Democrats that his opponent, who had postponed retirement to run for reelection, highlighted the need for young people to engage in politics.

Looking toward 2024, Biden’s age will likely be a hot topic. A Reuters/Ipsos poll from February showed that almost 59% of Democrats feel Biden is too old to hold a governmental position.

Even CNN, a liberal network, emphasized that Biden’s age has been a recurring topic in discussions about his potential reelection bid.

Smith’s commentary adds to the ongoing dialogue about the 2024 election, offering food for thought about the importance of fresh, youthful energy in political leadership. This could influence voters’ decisions in the upcoming presidential election.