New National Anthem – NFL Decision Shocks Fans…

According to a new report by Summit News, a very strange TREND is happening in the National Football League (NFL). It looks like the NFL is intentionally trying to stir up racial hostilities in America by injecting race into normal traditions. Namely, by replacing the National Anthem with a “Black” alternative.

NFL Goes Racial! The establishment is trying to manipulate us through our most basic forms of entertainment.

The NFL made a disturbing decision during the Super Bowl to replace the U.S. National anthem with a song called the “Black National Anthem”. Apparently, the NFL thinks that Blacks are too good for the real National Anthem of America.

You can watch the performance below:

The song, “Lift Every Voice And Sing” was sung by Sheryl Lee Ralph. The song was first adopted by the NAACP back in 1917 and has been since labeled the “Black National Anthem”

The decision to play this “Black National Anthem” was intentionally made after the NFL after George Floyd’s death in 2020 and riots broke out across America.

Sheryl Lee Ralph was the first person to ever play this “Black” song live at a Super Bowl. It’s never been done before. It doesn’t take a genius to realize how bad this is.

They’re purposely signaling that blacks deserve their own America separate from the age-old traditions that are currently in place. They want a separate National Anthem for separate races.

This is not what unity looks like.