Video ROCKS Trump Trial – GET READY!

Former President Donald Trump, currently entangled in a legal battle, may have inadvertently made self-incriminating statements following a recent court session. Trump is facing a criminal trial for 34 counts of falsifying business records related to extramarital affair cover-ups during the 2016 presidential campaign. He pleaded not guilty.

Emerging from the courthouse, Trump expressed his frustration to reporters, specifically referencing payments he claimed were legitimate legal expenses. “I was paying a lawyer and we marked it down as a legal expense—some accountant,” Trump explained. His comments were in reference to his former attorney Michael Cohen, who handled the payments and was later imprisoned for related offenses. “I didn’t know. Mark it down as a legal expense. That’s exactly what it was. And you get indicted over that?”

These remarks were broadcasted on CNN’s AC360, where Anderson Cooper sought insights from law professor Jessica Roth. Roth pointed out the potential implications of Trump’s words, particularly his mention of marking payments as legal expenses, which could be pivotal in demonstrating his involvement in falsifying financial records.

Jeffrey Toobin, a former federal prosecutor, analyzed the situation further, suggesting that Trump might attribute any discrepancies to his accountants. However, Toobin also noted that Trump’s directive to ‘Mark them down’ as legal expenses could be significant evidence against him, even if he briefly caught himself during the statement.

The jury selection process for Trump’s trial is underway, with seven jurors already seated. The process may extend for two more weeks, with the trial expected to last between six to eight weeks. Judge Juan Merchan, overseeing the trial, aims to start opening statements soon if the remaining jurors are quickly selected.

Meanwhile, the identities of the jurors are being kept private for security reasons. They come from diverse backgrounds, including a salesman from Ireland, an oncology nurse, and a corporate attorney, among others, each bringing a unique perspective to the trial.

Trump has vehemently denied all allegations, decrying the trial as a politically motivated witch hunt. As the proceedings continue, the focus remains on whether Trump’s own words might turn out to be a critical factor in the case against him.