Video Evidence: Biden’s Trade Disinterest Exposed!

OMG media unveiled a startling video this week, featuring a high-ranking Biden regime cybersecurity official confessing to a shocking disregard for trade by the current Commander-in-Chief.

Trevar Kolodny, an official within the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) chemical security division, candidly admitted to an undercover OMG journalist that “Trump was right: Biden doesn’t care about trade.”

Prior to his tenure at CISA, Kolodny served within the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for the U.S. Treasury Department. Despite his personal reservations about Donald Trump, Kolodny disclosed to the undercover reporter that Trump “was deeply interested in trade.”

Expressing his disillusionment with the former president, Kolodny remarked, “I don’t think I can vote for Donald Trump after January 6th.”

Kolodny also addressed allegations of collusion between CISA and Big Tech giants like Facebook and Google to suppress sensitive information online, aligning with revelations from a House Judiciary report earlier this year.

Confirming the existence of such conversations, Kolodny admitted, “They’ve had conversations with Facebook and Google about these things that aren’t true.” He underscored the extent of collusion, echoing concerns detailed in the House Judiciary report about CISA’s efforts to combat online “misinformation.”

This revelation is particularly alarming given CISA’s history of obstructing OMG and O’Keefe from reporting on voter fraud during CISA’s controversial election integrity project.

In response to CISA’s perceived corruption, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is vigorously challenging the agency’s agenda against “misinformation,” as divulged by Kolodny.

“I understand Rand Paul’s stance,” Kolodny acknowledged.

O’Keefe is actively seeking comment from CISA regarding Kolodny’s disclosures.

Reacting to these revelations, O’Keefe’s followers expressed outrage at the apparent impunity with which malfeasance within government agencies is tolerated.

“We are governed by professional criminals,” lamented one follower, echoing the sentiments of many.

Another voiced skepticism over Kolodny’s decision not to vote for Trump following January 6th, emphasizing Trump’s alleged lack of involvement in the Capitol incident.

“I’m always skeptical, but I have newfound respect for Rand Paul,” remarked another follower.

CISA’s entanglement in various illicit activities has raised concerns, prompting one follower to remark on the misplaced priorities of those orchestrating the anti-free speech agenda.

“Trump’s trade policies may raise eyebrows, but prioritizing cybersecurity and combatting misinformation takes precedence,” sarcastically quipped another follower, highlighting the distorted priorities in Washington.