Video: Cruz Warns Of “Relentlessly Hostile” Obama Judge In Trump Indictment

Firebrand GOP Senator Ted Cruz issued a stark warning on Thursday, raising the possibility that the witch-hunt against President Donald Trump might reach a new peak with a conviction, as he is likely to face a hostile ‘far-left’ judge and jury, whose judgment is clouded by their deep-rooted animosity for Trump.

Cruz fearlessly challenged the blatant bias expected in the D.C. jury, stating, “The chances that a D.C. jury will vote to convict Donald Trump are shockingly high, and they couldn’t care less about the facts or the law: They hate him,”. He continued, “This deep-seated hatred is a crucial reason why the Biden DOJ is desperate to push this case in D.C. With a far-left judge and a similarly aligned jury, the odds of Trump being convicted are dangerously real.”

Cruz also shed light on the federal judge in the case, Obama’s handpicked Tanya Chutkan, who has a contentious history with Trump and a track record of handing down harsher sentences for January 6 defendants than what the government asked for.

In a scathing comment on the state of affairs, Cruz lamented that America has now “crossed into banana republic territory,” predicting that Chutkan will demonstrate “relentless hostility” towards Trump, while offering unwavering support to Biden’s DOJ. Both are eager to schedule the trial strategically – “after his nomination but before the general election.”

The Texan Senator warned of the inherent bias that comes with a trial in the District of Columbia, stating, “If it goes to trial, you will have a jury that is drawn from the District of Columbia. This is the most Democrat-leaning jurisdiction in the country.”

Cruz emphasized the alarming nature of the situation. “The indictment is dangerous precisely because the judge and jury will likely be prejudiced against Donald Trump, despising him to the core. This is an extremely precarious situation,” he asserted.

According to Cruz, this biased stance undermines both the rule of law and democracy. He concludes, “Whether you want Donald Trump to be the next president or not, that question should not be answered by a corrupt Department of Justice that’s wielding the legal system as a weapon.”