US Government Targets Its Own Citizens

Ruthless US Regime Targets Its Own Citizens, Echoing Global Overreach

A deeply unsettling pattern has emerged: The American government, notorious for its domineering stance with other nations, is now targeting its very own citizens with threats, force, and manipulation, mimicking its international approach.

For those who’ve kept track, the recent actions against #Lahaina in #Maui are eerily reminiscent of the regime’s approach towards countries like Libya, Iraq, and Syria. It’s painfully clear now: the US government has no desire for peaceful coexistence, either with foreign nations or its own people. Diplomacy, compromise, and humility are concepts lost to this administration. Their motto? It’s our way or the highway. Their shifting “rules” are forcibly imposed with an ever-present ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude. And their constant cry of “democracy” reeks of hypocrisy as they tighten their grip on global resources.

In its present form, the US more closely resembles plundering pirates than a democratic savior. These modern-day buccaneers are fueled by threats and fear, while leeching off the hard work of ordinary citizens. Their newfound power to print their own money? That’s just a clever way to further devalue the currency and pilfer more from the unsuspecting American.

As a result, the world’s patience with the US hegemony is wearing thin. And it’s not just foreign nations; the very citizens under this regime’s thumb are growing restless. A movement is brewing, a mental and emotional revolt against the oppressive rulers.

An increasing number of individuals hope for the collapse of the dollar, seeing it as the only way to cut off the beast from its lifeline. But beyond the economic implications, there’s a darker side to this regime: its promotion and export of controversial practices and ideologies, from transgenderism and GMOs to the control of media and pharma power plays. The government’s treatment of its youth, some argue, surpasses even China’s infamous human rights abuses.

On the global front, the BRICS nations, backed by numerous other countries, are already laying the groundwork for a new international currency system. If successful, the dollar’s dominance might come to an abrupt end, spelling catastrophe for the ordinary American. It seems that change, whether we’re ready or not, is on the horizon.

Steve Quayle sounds off on the weaponization of government against the people

Over the weekend, Mike Adams ( conducted an emergency interview with Steve Quayle, covering the latest developments in the government’s weaponization of everything against We the People. As covered in the interview, the US government is now engaged in all the following forms of warfare against the American people:



    • Economic warfare (shutting down businesses)


    • Currency warfare (printing money and driving down the value of the dollar)


    • Geoengineering / weather warfare (causing floods, droughts and crop failures)


    • Food scarcity warfare (starvation and food inflation)


    • Psychological warfare (fear campaigns pushed by the media, such as climate terror)


    • Cultural warfare (LGBT cult indoctrination targeting children)


    • Race warfare (trying to get the races to hate each other and commit violence against each other)


    • Education warfare (hijacking public education to teach children to hate themselves and their country)


    • Censorship warfare (colluding with Big Tech to censor anyone who tells the truth, on nearly any topic)


    • Energy warfare (shutting down energy infrastructure by claiming it’s necessary for “climate change”)


    • Agricultural warfare (seizing or shutting down farms to decrease food production and food resiliency)


    • Terraforming warfare (altering the atmosphere to remove CO2, the molecule necessary for all photosynthesis)


    • Infrastructure warfare (taking out infrastructure components such as refineries and power grid substations)


    • Election rigging (to steal the future from the people and keep them enslaved under tyranny)


    • Biological warfare (building and release biological weapons to keep the plandemics going and control the masses)


  • Vaccine warfare (using “vaccines” as the cover story for depopulation / infertility injections designed to reduce human populations)

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