Unstoppable Wave: Chinese Illegals Overrun U.S. Border!

As the border crisis persists, Border Patrol officers are reporting a surge in the number of Chinese migrants attempting to enter the U.S. illegally. This alarming development underscores the national security threat posed by President Biden’s open borders policy. The situation has escalated to the point that even the mainstream media can no longer ignore it, with outlets like the New York Times and CNN covering the issue.

In recent months, more than 16,000 Chinese nationals have been detained after illegally crossing the border. This figure does not include the 40 migrants recently apprehended by Mexican authorities on their way to the U.S. by bus, nor the 180 migrants from Central and South America.

The influx of Chinese migrants is a significant change from the average of just 1,500 per year during the previous decade. Many of these individuals are fleeing the oppressive conditions in China, where the Communist party’s control over their lives has led to widespread misery. Crackdowns on free speech and religion have also played a role, with some migrants citing their Christian faith as a reason for leaving.

An analysis by CNN indicates that Chinese people are now the fastest-growing group of individuals making border crossings. A network of businesses is helping them make their journey, offering everything from airport pickups to Chinese-run hostels. In Ecuador, where many migrants begin their journey, the number of Chinese nationals entering the country has risen dramatically.

Despite the clear threat to national security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently instructed officials to reduce the number of questions Chinese migrants are asked in interviews after being apprehended for illegally crossing the border. This effectively fast-tracks their release into the U.S. and prevents agents from performing due diligence in identifying potential threats.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s open borders policy has resulted in a dangerous influx of Chinese migrants, posing a serious threat to national security. The situation is exacerbated by the government’s apparent unwillingness to address the issue effectively.