Kiyosaki’s Startling Alert: U.S. Economy Crumbling!

The United States is hurtling towards an unprecedented disaster, with the national debt skyrocketing and fiat currency spiraling out of control. These ominous warnings were sounded by the renowned financial expert and author Robert Kiyosaki during a no-holds-barred interview on the “Decentralize TV” show on

The discussion, hosted by truth-seekers Mike Adams and Todd Pitner, started with Adams probing Kiyosaki, the brilliant mind behind “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” about the perilous state of America’s economy.

Kiyosaki pulled no punches, recalling how former President Nixon’s decision to unshackle the dollar from the gold standard in 1971 led to the creation of “fake money.” The tragic history lesson continued as he reminded viewers that no fiat currency has ever survived, bringing down mighty empires like China, Rome, and Greece.

With a passion for financial education that few can match, Kiyosaki warned that the reckless money printing policies of the government have placed the country on a crash course with calamity. The recent debt ceiling hike and the U.S. credit rating downgrade from AAA to AA+ by Fitch Ratings may not ring alarm bells for the average American, but Kiyosaki knows the grave danger lurking beneath.

The outrageous escalation of America’s debt, increasing by $1.8 trillion in just two months, stands as a stark testimony to the unsustainable path we are on. It took America 209 months to accumulate $1.8 trillion in debt after Nixon, and now we achieve that dubious feat every two months. Kiyosaki’s grave words were clear: “We’re on a collision course for disaster.”

The misguided actions of President Joe Biden only add fuel to this raging fire. Kiyosaki noted Biden’s very first act in office: the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. In a crushing blow to the economy, oil prices soared from $30 to $130 a barrel, squeezing the life out of the poor and middle class and pushing America to the brink of revolution.

Adams’ lamentation about the obliteration of the middle class and the collapse of the dollar reflects the fears of many who see the banking system failing before our eyes. But the nightmare doesn’t stop there, with Kiyosaki exposing how Wall Street “criminals” are plundering the pensions of hardworking Americans.

The solution? Don’t trust anything you can print, according to Kiyosaki. He advocates for hard assets, something that both Adams and Kiyosaki agree on. The integrity of blockchain technology, gold, silver, and Bitcoin offers a secure refuge in contrast to the dishonest practices of the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and the Biden administration.

Kiyosaki’s final warning is a call to action: Stop the foolish cycle of working, saving, and investing in worthless paper money. Instead, invest in tangible assets that have withstood the test of time.

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Watch Kiyosaki’s candid interview in the “Decentralize TV” show to hear it from the man himself ( The time for complacency is over; heed the warning of one of the great financial minds of our time and prepare for the looming disaster.