Tucker’s Explosive Devon Archer Interview: Exposes Biden Family Exploits!

In a bombshell revelation during a Wednesday interview with Tucker Carlson, Devon Archer, former business associate of Hunter Biden, confessed that both he and Hunter essentially cashed in on the Biden name. The stunner came just two days after Archer’s congressional testimony, although he denied any involvement by ‘the big guy’.

Carlson started by questioning Archer about Hunter’s successful business ventures, and whether the same would have been possible if Hunter hadn’t been the son of the vice president. Archer cautiously broached the subject at first, touching on Hunter’s law school credentials before candidly admitting, “The brand of Biden adds a lot of power when your dad’s the Vice President.”

Archer affirmed that Joe Biden, the then vice-president, was aware of the presence of business officials during his speakerphone conversations with Hunter – occasions Archer estimates numbered around 20.

“So Joe Biden, who is very much a product of Washington, must have known that he was effectively participating in a business meeting,” asserted Carlson. “He must have realized that his son was selling access.”

“Hard for me to speculate,” Archer deflected. However, when Carlson pressed further, Archer stated, “I can definitively say that at particular dinners and meetings, he knew there were business associates present, including myself.”

According to Archer, Hunter’s ability to casually dial up the then-VP during business meetings epitomized the “pinnacle of power in DC.”

“…Understanding a regulatory environment means selling access… most people interpret it that way,” Archer remarked.

“…The power to have that access, to hold such unscheduled conversations, especially when it’s part of your family – that’s like the pinnacle of power in DC.”

“…if you’re sitting with a business associate and hear the vice president’s voice, that’s the real deal… that’s pretty impactful stuff,” Archer commented, labeling it as an “abuse of soft power.”

Archer also admitted to having “flown too close to the sun” and “getting burned” by the Biden family, adding that it’s “disingenuous” to feign ignorance about why Ukrainian energy giant Burisma hired Hunter, who served on its board from 2014 to 2019.