Trumps Shows ACE Card…

If New York Attorney General Letitia James moves to seize properties from Donald Trump, it could unexpectedly bolster his presidential campaign. Pollster Frank Luntz suggests that such actions could enhance Trump’s popularity, allowing him to depict his adversaries as “pathetic.”

James may begin seizing Trump’s assets if he fails to secure a bond by March 25. This comes after Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay nearly $454 million in penalties for fraud, including interest. Initially, the lawsuit filed by AG James sought $250 million in damages but escalated to $370 million with interest.

The situation intensified after Trump’s attorneys argued that paying the full civil fraud penalty was “a practical impossibility.” Speculation has grown about whether James will start confiscating Trump’s properties or whether Trump might need to sell parts of his real estate empire to cover the fines.

In September 2023, Trump was found guilty of financial fraud, resulting in a $355 million penalty plus interest, and was barred from doing business in New York for three years. Trump maintains his innocence, claiming the charges are politically motivated and has appealed Engoron’s ruling.

The complication extends to the bond companies, which are hesitant to issue the bond due to concerns about potentially enforcing it against a sitting president, should Trump win the November election. Additionally, Trump requires an independent monitor, appointed by Engoron, to approve the bond.

Luntz noted that Trump’s strength in polls might stem from his opponents’ ineffective campaigning. On Truth Social, Trump’s team has questioned the legality of a sitting president using legal actions to interfere with an election, suggesting that President Joe Biden has overstepped legal boundaries, a sentiment reportedly supported by several legal scholars.