Trump’s Proven Tactics Come Full Circle!

A former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Tom Homan, has asserted that the only effective solution to the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border is a return to the policies implemented during the Trump presidency. In a discussion on the Counter Culture Podcast with Dan Proft, Homan emphasized that the crisis is primarily a result of policy decisions, contrary to the current administration’s claims of resource limitations.

Homan, who served as the head of the nation’s immigration enforcement agency under former President Donald Trump, was known for his controversial stances and actions. During his 18-month tenure, he frequently departed from established norms, sparking controversies with his statements about how ICE would operate. Faced with substantial criticism from liberals and immigration advocates pushing for open border policies, Homan eventually retired from public service.

Homan’s recent statement comes amid an unprecedented surge of immigration, with thousands of individuals crossing the southern border daily. This crisis has significantly hindered ICE’s ability to carry out its core functions, as agents are occupied with paperwork due to the Biden administration’s policies that allow immigrants to enter the U.S. based on asylum claims that may take years to be adjudicated in court.

During the Trump era, ICE implemented the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum seekers to stay outside of the U.S. until their claims could be processed. This policy led to a significant reduction in daily border crossings, but it was criticized by liberals as racist and inhumane. Shortly after assuming the presidency, Joe Biden initiated the process of dismantling Trump’s immigration policies.

Since 2020, the U.S. has witnessed a substantial influx of immigrants, many from economically disadvantaged Latin American nations. However, there has been a growing number of immigrant caravans consisting of asylum seekers from the Middle East and Asia. The border has also seen a recent increase in the apprehension of suspected terrorists, raising concerns among Americans.

Some of the Trump-era policies that were contentious among Democrats included the construction of a border wall to physically deter crossings. Biden swiftly terminated this initiative and has since sold off millions of dollars’ worth of materials at a fraction of their cost. Earlier this year, Biden was quietly compelled to resume wall construction.

Even Democratic leaders of so-called sanctuary cities have begun to voice their objections to the Biden administration’s handling of the situation. Mayors in cities like New York City, Chicago, and Washington D.C. have seen large numbers of immigrants arriving in their jurisdictions without adequate funding to provide food and housing. Federal policies have barred immigrants, including those seeking asylum, from employment eligibility. This has resulted in increased rates of violent crime, property damage, and a surge in prostitution, potentially linked to international human trafficking.

Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration have struggled to propose effective solutions to address the crisis. Increasingly, they are recognizing the wisdom of Homan’s enforcement policies and the regulatory framework established by the Trump administration.