Trump’s Fate Predicted

In another blatant attack against Donald Trump, the former president faces a series of questionable indictments championed by Democrats. Amidst this political warfare, Alan Dershowitz, the esteemed Harvard law professor, foresees that the ex-president might be convicted in some of these politically-driven cases.

This prediction comes in the wake of a Georgia grand jury and Fulton County’s DA Fani Willis lining up 19 defendants, with Trump at the forefront, over dubious claims of trying to overturn the 2020 Georgia election results.

Now tallying four orchestrated indictments, all steered by Democratic leadership, Trump has been targeted by Manhattan’s DA Alvin Bragg, the Biden Justice Department, and the recent Fulton County indictment.

Despite being a known leftist, Dershowitz, who’s been an open critic of the Democrat’s relentless judicial pursuits against Trump, ominously suggests “there will be some convictions” in these politically-motivated lawsuits.

Intriguingly, Dershowitz anticipates these outcomes well before the 2024 presidential race, with Trump as the likely GOP frontrunner. Discussing with Steve Bannon on the “Bannon’s War Room” podcast, Dershowitz remarked, “I think the strategy is to get bad convictions, fast… in New York, Florida, Washington, and Fulton County,” alluding to the Democrat’s rush to tarnish Trump’s reputation before the upcoming elections.

However, providing a glimmer of hope, Dershowitz envisions any convictions being overturned, albeit post the 2024 election. He remarked, “The whole ‘get Trump’ approach is to convict him before the election, and then he wins on appeal.”

Highlighting the dubious nature of these cases, Dershowitz referenced a peculiar incident where the Fulton County court’s website displayed a document with grave accusations against Trump, even before the grand jury sanctioned the indictment. This document mysteriously vanished without any justification.

Spotlighting the flawed grand jury system, Dershowitz quipped, “The grand jury is meaningless.” He continued, “They rubber stamp whatever the prosecutor presents, and the audacity with which the prosecutor posted it on her website even before the grand jury’s decision is proof of their blind allegiance.”