Trump Strikes Back: ABC News Beware!

Former President Donald Trump has taken legal action against ABC News and anchor George Stephanopoulos, alleging defamation over statements made during an interview. Trump’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in Florida, challenges Stephanopoulos’s assertions that Trump had been found liable for misconduct, a claim Trump vehemently denies.

The lawsuit stems from a contentious exchange between Stephanopoulos and Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) on the March 10 edition of “This Week”. Stephanopoulos pressed Mace to justify her support for Trump in light of supposed findings of misconduct. Mace, a survivor of assault, criticized Stephanopoulos for his line of questioning, asserting that Trump had not been found guilty in criminal court but faced civil cases.

Trump’s lawyer, Alejandro Brito, argues that Stephanopoulos knowingly made false statements with “actual malice” or “reckless disregard for the truth”. The lawsuit points out 12 specific quotes from the broadcast where Stephanopoulos claimed Trump had been held liable for misconduct, although the court’s findings addressed different allegations.

In addition to Stephanopoulos, ABC News is named as a defendant in the suit, with Trump’s legal team alleging the network endorsed and spread false statements about the former President. The interview, particularly Mace’s forceful response, gained significant attention online for its perceived attempt to shame her over her political choices given her personal experiences.

The court proceedings referenced in the interview relate to a New York civil case filed by writer E. Jean Carroll against Trump, alleging inappropriate misconduct. While jurors found Trump liable for defamation and misconduct under New York law, they did not reach a verdict on specific allegations. Trump and his legal team adamantly deny Carroll’s claims.

In his lawsuit, Trump seeks unspecified damages against Stephanopoulos and ABC News for the alleged defamation.