Trump Makes a STUNNING Admission

At a recent campaign event in Wisconsin—his first out-of-state appearance since the commencement of his hush-money trial in Manhattan—former President Donald Trump addressed his supporters about the events of January 6, 2021. During his speech, he disclosed that he had expressed a desire to go to the Capitol on that day.

Trump took the opportunity to critique the legislators who have been pursuing the January 6 case, referencing a White House aide’s testimony during the process. He recalled the aide’s claim that he had “attacked a Secret Service agent in the front of the car,” a claim which Trump vehemently denied, humorously noting, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Continuing, Trump targeted the testimony of his former White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson. Hutchinson had testified before the January 6 congressional panel that she had been told Trump “lunged” at the steering wheel in an effort to direct the vehicle toward the Capitol. Trump dismissed these claims, emphasizing that he never attempted to assault Secret Service agents or seize control of the vehicle.

Instead, Trump recounted that he simply expressed a desire to join the crowd heading toward the Capitol, telling his Secret Service agents, “I’d like to go down there because I see a lot of people walking down.” According to Trump, the response from the agents was cautious, advising him, “Sir, it’s better if you don’t.”

Trump emphasized that he deferred to their judgment, saying he’d “like to,” but would ultimately “do whatever you guys think,” which he claimed was the extent of the conversation about the matter.

The controversy around Hutchinson’s testimony, particularly her claims about Trump’s actions in the vehicle, was further complicated by statements from Trump’s driver, who also denied that the former President had tried to take control of the car.