The Other Border Crisis No One Is Talking About

Amidst the focus on the southern border, a concerning report unveils a secret migrant smuggling ring operating along the northern border with Canada. The Daily Mail exposes a New Jersey-based gang’s scheme to illegally transport migrants into the U.S. for a hefty fee of $6,000 each.

Allegedly led by illegal migrants from Colombia and Guatemala, the group established their operation in New Jersey after being released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While attention remains fixated on the southern border, this ring strategically shifted its operations northward, exploiting lesser scrutiny.

Professor Philip Kasinitz of CUNY underscores the strategic advantage, noting the ease of unauthorized entry across the Canadian border amidst heightened enforcement along the southern frontier.

Operating from Quebec into Vermont, the gang capitalizes on the Northeast’s lax scrutiny, increasing their chances of success. Despite occasional interceptions, such as the apprehension of alleged driver Elmer Bran-Galvez in Franklin, Vermont, with four illegal migrants, authorities often refrain from pressing charges.

The gang persists despite multiple encounters, indicative of a rampant 500% surge in illegal migration across the Canadian border in 2023. Vermont emerges as a hotspot, witnessing over 10,000 arrests for illegal entry, largely attributed to the gang’s activities.

While U.S. authorities have apprehended two alleged ringleaders, both illegal migrants themselves, challenges persist as a third member remains in Canada, evading arrest due to jurisdictional limitations. Law enforcement remains vigilant amidst ongoing human smuggling activities.