The “King” Has Fallen – Macartney Charged

Michael Macartney, a 50-year-old from Chesapeake, Virginia, has been indicted by federal authorities for his alleged involvement in an international network responsible for creating and distributing videos depicting severe animal abuse. According to the charges, Macartney, who referred to himself as the “Torture King,” generated income through the sale of videos showcasing the “torture, murder, and sexually sadistic mutilation” of animals, with a disturbing focus on primates.

Authorities report that Macartney’s operation was primarily based in Indonesia, where he and his accomplices commissioned local individuals to perform barbaric acts on animals for the camera. These acts included torturous methods involving various instruments and even more ghastly scenarios, such as blending animals alive or subjecting them to being eaten alive by ants. It is alleged that Macartney offered a service where clients could request specific forms of torture to be inflicted on the animals, with video prices starting at around $100.

Macartney, known to have a criminal background and affiliations with a motorcycle gang, is said to have managed numerous online platforms for the promotion, sale, and discussion of these abhorrent videos. He, along with his associates and clientele, reportedly used the encrypted messaging service Telegram for communication, ensuring their dealings remained obscured.

The discovery of this heinous operation came about through the investigative efforts of the BBC, which spent a year uncovering the extent of the network’s activities. This investigation has led to the arrest of Macartney along with multiple individuals from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia, shedding light on a dark corner of the internet dedicated to the cruel mistreatment of animals.