Soros’s $500M Gamble on Global Chaos

At 93 years old and holding a net worth of nearly $10 billion, George Soros is seen by many as a puppet master of global instability. His Soros Fund Management oversees assets close to $50 billion, with $500 million pledged to migrants and refugees amidst the “global refugee crisis.” Critics argue this forms part of a broader agenda to undermine the United States and promote communism as the path to a New World Order.

Tucker Carlson recently noted, “Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West. Starting to notice a pattern?”

In Washington, left-leaning leaders advocate for accepting all illegal immigrants as refugees, even from conflict zones like Ukraine and Israel. These “terror hotspots” often see proxy wars funded by the USA and George Soros, contributing to the displacement of millions. In the context of open borders and generous handouts in Biden’s America, this phenomenon is exacerbated.

Some view the pandemic as a “Virus of Marxism” infecting the world, with America feeling the effects. Opponents of this ideology are often labeled racists or white supremacists. Neo-Marxist principles are increasingly prevalent in education, and all whites are accused of institutional racism.

Germany’s experience of mass immigration over the past eight years serves as a cautionary tale. Welcoming refugees was initially viewed as the right thing to do, but the reality of a disproportionately young male population engaging in criminal activities, alongside their reliance on welfare, soon led to societal unrest.

George Soros has also been implicated in funding a Marxist revolution within the criminal justice system, bankrolling “progressive” district attorney candidates. This support extends through an intricate network of political action committees and non-profits, contributing to calls for defunding the police and abolishing bail.

Critics argue that Soros’s influence has sown chaos and instability, potentially laying the groundwork for a communist takeover. Some believe that World War III looms, and the United States is vulnerable, resembling a third-world nation ripe for conquest.