Prominent Liberal Defies Odds, Praises Trump!

In the present era of intense political polarization, it’s increasingly rare to witness a prominent Democrat offering praise for any Republican figure, especially former President Donald Trump.

However, as President Joe Biden’s faltering policies and declining popularity become evident in the run-up to the 2024 election, some erstwhile Trump critics are beginning to reevaluate his tenure.

Chamath Palihapitiya, a tech billionaire known for his alignment with the Democratic Party, has recently displayed a newfound openness to exploring conservative principles.

During the All-In Podcast, which he co-hosts, Palihapitiya delivered a stinging critique of those on the left afflicted with “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” who are unable to acknowledge the accomplishments of the previous administration.

He reflected, “What those guys did was pretty incredible, in hindsight.”

Palihapitiya’s acknowledgment came within the context of discussing the ongoing unrest in the Middle East. He contrasted the current situation under Biden with the four years of relative peace observed during Trump’s presidency.

He remarked, “To really be able to, like, find long-lasting peace is just a real example for the world.”

Among the specific achievements he now recognizes as a high point of the Trump era, Palihapitiya highlighted the diplomatic agreement known as the Abraham Accords. This agreement laid the foundation for improved relations between Israel and other nations in the region.

He noted, “So much of the work that happened in that administration turns out to have been right — and that’s what’s so frustrating for me.”

Palihapitiya also gave credit to Trump for emphasizing the importance of robust border security. He criticized leftists for being unable to look beyond their disdain for the former president.

He commented, “The work on the border wall: We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message. Turned out it was right.”

However, Palihapitiya clarified that his audience shouldn’t assume he has secretly been a Trump supporter all along. A brief look at his prior assessments of the former president reveals a deep-seated disdain for Trump’s policies and behavior.

As recently as last year, he described Trump as “an idiot savant, minus the savant.”