Presidential Candidate Has A Target On His Back

During the talk with Joe Rogan, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., acknowledged the risk he faced by revealing insights into the deaths of his uncle and father. He also shared that he undertakes measures to avoid being a target of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

When Rogan quizzed Kennedy if he won the election, he responded, “I gotta be careful.”

I’m conscious of the potential threat, but it doesn’t rule my life, he continued. I’m not oblivious to it and take protective steps.

Kennedy dove into the historical tension between his Uncle John F. Kennedy and the military-industrial complex. He alleged that intelligence bodies attempted to mislead his uncle into sparking military operations in Cuba and Vietnam.

Drawing from his family’s history, RFK Jr. reiterated JFK’s belief in the need to dismantle the CIA, saying his uncle sought to break it up into a thousand fragments and cast it into the wind.

JFK realized early on that the mission of the CIA and other intelligence agencies was to perpetually stoke new wars to feed the military-industrial complex, Kennedy explained. He added that JFK was determined that it wasn’t the role of the United States to impose its choice of government on other nations.

Reflecting further, Kennedy shared an incident from October 1963. Upon hearing that some Green Berets had died, JFK demanded a comprehensive casualty list from Vietnam. When an aide reported the loss of 75 Americans, deeply distressed JFK ordered an immediate troop withdrawal. The plan was to remove the first thousand soldiers within a month, followed by a complete pull-out by the start of 1965. Tragically, he was assassinated just a month later.

Kennedy has consistently voiced his strong suspicion that the CIA was involved in his father’s and uncle’s deaths.