Power-Hungry Liberals Newest Power Play

In the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, an unprecedented influx of funds, both federal and private, flooded election offices across the nation, a move attributed to the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent revelations, however, indicate that the vast majority of these funds flowed into election offices situated in Democrat-led cities and counties, raising serious questions about the fairness of the election process.

One particular source of this funding, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his family, has been under scrutiny by the Capital Research Center. Their investigation uncovered a startling fact: in nine crucial battleground states, the infamous “Zuck Bucks” funneled into election offices may have played a pivotal role in tilting the election in favor of President Joe Biden. These revelations underscore the urgency of demanding transparency and scrutinizing the election results.

The reality is that elections in the United States have never truly been free and fair. Candidates invest years and vast sums of money in carefully shaping their public image and crafting narratives that shape the voters’ perceptions of the issues. This phenomenon transcends political lines, impacting both the right and the left.

However, the 2020 election marked a significant shift in the way money was amassed and utilized to advance a particular ideological agenda. Those who dared to oppose the prevailing ideology were branded as outcasts, labeled with derogatory terms like ‘fascists’ and ‘deplorables,’ even by their own friends and family. Shockingly, threats of violence, and sometimes actual acts of violence, against these individuals were not just tolerated but, in some cases, celebrated. Retaliation, on the other hand, was brushed aside as justifiable.

As we approach the 2024 elections, the landscape becomes even more treacherous for conservatives. The pathways through which so-called ‘dark money’ flowed in 2020 have been legitimized, and anyone questioning the status quo is unfairly branded an ‘election denier.’ This term was coined to belittle those who seek transparency and accountability in our democratic process. In 2024, the floodgates for dark money are wide open, and anyone advocating for election integrity should prepare for another cycle of threats, ostracization, and even violence.

Several states have recognized the need to safeguard their elections against undue interference, like that witnessed in 2020, by curtailing the influence of billionaires. Wisconsin, for instance, recently introduced legislation to ban “Zuck Bucks” within the state.

The ultimate objective of liberals is clear: to establish a federal election bureaucracy under their control, one that would oversee all state, county, and federal elections. This dangerous plan will undoubtedly lead to even more egregious violations, creating new and untraceable sources of money used to manipulate public opinion and coerce voters into aligning with a specific ideology. This strategy threatens to stifle political discourse and imperils the very foundation of the democracy we cherish.