Olbermann’s Trump Assassination Hint, Shakes Media

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann appeared to “hope” that former President Trump would be assassinated in a recent X post that prompted calls for his banishment from the social media platform.

Olbermann’s comment came in response to a post from the Biden-Harris HQ account, which flagged a clip of Trump comparing his treatment to that of Abraham Lincoln, prompting Olbermann’s alarming remark.

“Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated,” the Biden campaign account shared. Olbermann’s response, “There’s always the hope,” stirred outrage and demands for repercussions.

Known for his far-left views and provocative statements, Olbermann has previously advocated for radical measures, including the dissolution of the Supreme Court.

Critics swiftly condemned Olbermann’s apparent endorsement of violence, with one user calling for his social media account to be “permanently suspended” for the concerning insinuation.

Meanwhile, Trump faced backlash himself for comments made during a campaign speech in Ohio, where he warned of a potential “bloodbath” if his opponent, Biden, were to win the election.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seized on Trump’s remarks, framing them as a veiled threat to the nation’s well-being. Pelosi emphasized the urgency of winning the upcoming election to prevent such dire outcomes.

Trump’s use of the term “bloodbath” during his rally speech, in reference to potential consequences of trade policies, sparked intense scrutiny and debate over his rhetoric.

Despite the uproar, neither Olbermann nor Trump’s campaign provided comment on the matter when approached by Fox News Digital.