NYC’s Illicit Alien-Busing Operation Exposed!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been caught in a scandalous operation that involves paying a medical company, DocGo, millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to bus illegal aliens and border crossers out of the city.

The New York Times (NYT) disclosed this shocking news, stating that DocGo was quietly contracted by Adams’ administration to transport illegal aliens from Texas to various parts of New York state. Before taking on this questionable role, DocGo was providing COVID-19-related services like testing and vaccination to the city.

The Adams’ administration conveniently bypassed the need for competitive bidding, awarding DocGo a whopping $432 million contract. As the COVID-19 crisis eased, DocGo swiftly switched gears, profiting from the emerging illegal immigration issue. The exorbitant contract catered to housing migrants, offering them services such as case management, medical care, food, transportation, lodging, and 24/7 security.

Breitbart noted that DocGo is simply the latest company to benefit from the mass immigration to New York City, all at the expense of hard-working New Yorkers. The city’s influential hotel industry was previously exploited by the mayor’s office, with luxury hotels turned into makeshift accommodations for tens of thousands of illegals.

What’s even more outrageous is the disparity in the daily rates being charged. On average, New Yorkers are shelling out $256 each day for a hotel room for each migrant family. In contrast, the city pays a mere $136 to $188 for housing its homeless citizens. To bankroll these exorbitantly priced migrant hotels, Adams has even hinted at slashing services for New Yorkers.

Since spring last year, the Big Apple has seen the arrival of over 90,000 illegal aliens, mainly thanks to bussing initiatives by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. While Adams has publicly criticized Abbott for bringing migrants to his city, he is replicating the same actions with companies like DocGo being the enablers.

The program has moved more than 1,500 migrants to locations as distant as Buffalo, but the reception has been far from welcoming. Many migrants have faced protests, false promises of employment, and even threats of violence. Furthermore, cities and towns across the state are furious at this forced influx, as DocGo has failed to inform local authorities or provide any background information on these new arrivals.

Adding insult to injury, many illegal aliens are choosing to flee the crime-infested and unclean city for safer destinations. Some, like 33-year-old Susy Sanchez Solzarno from Peru and 26-year-old Manuel Rodon from Venezuela, are even opting to head to Canada for a better and safer life, painting a grim picture of the state of affairs in America’s largest city.