National Republican TURNS ON Trump…

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton, during an interview with MSNBC, criticized former President Donald Trump’s approach to global politics, describing it as “simple-minded” and devoid of any coherent political philosophy. Bolton, who was a senior official in the Trump administration, characterized Trump’s decision-making as anecdotal, ad hoc, and primarily self-serving.

Bolton discussed Trump’s often-touted relationships with international leaders such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. While Trump prided himself on these personal bonds, Bolton emphasized that leaders like Putin and Xi are primarily motivated by their national interests, not personal relationships. He bluntly stated, “Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue,” regarding the actual dynamics of international leadership.

Moreover, Bolton pointed out Trump’s lack of understanding of the strategic importance of international alliances, particularly with Western nations. He criticized Trump’s view of America’s defense relationship with Europe as unidirectional, stressing that U.S. involvement in NATO serves vital American interests and that withdrawing could have dire consequences for the United States.

The conversation also touched on Bolton’s 2020 book, “The Room Where It Happened,” which provided a critical insider view of Trump’s presidency. The Trump administration attempted to halt its publication, claiming it contained sensitive information that posed a national security risk, though these claims were ultimately rejected by a judge.

In his book and its 2024 republication, Bolton argued that Trump had shown intentions to withdraw the U.S. from NATO and had solicited China’s help in the 2020 election by asking Xi to buy more American farm products to aid his campaign. The new edition of the book includes an introduction that warns of the dangers of a second Trump term, describing it as potentially “much worse” than the first, with Bolton expressing concerns over Trump’s vengeful tendencies against perceived adversaries.

Responding to Bolton’s critiques, Trump adviser Jason Miller accused Bolton of exploiting his former role for financial gain, dismissing him as someone trying to get rich by “grifting” off his association with Trump.