Military-Age Chinese Covertly Crossing US…

The United States is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the number of Chinese nationals crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, raising significant concerns about national security and immigration control. Recent video footage released by a reporter showcases hundreds of military-aged Chinese men making their way through Panama toward the U.S. border. This article explores the reasons behind this alternative migration route, the potential risks involved, and the need for effective border control measures.

Chinese Nationals Taking Alternate Routes to Enter the U.S. Instead of directly flying into the United States, certain individuals who lack the option to do so are opting for a more convoluted journey. These individuals first travel to a South American country, followed by transit through Colombia’s dense jungle before reaching Panama. From there, their ultimate goal is to enter the United States. This route is typically chosen by those who do not have direct access to fly into the U.S. or prefer to avoid potential visa-related complications.

Concerns Surrounding the Panama-Colombia Border. The influx of Chinese nationals at the Darien Gap, the border area between Panama and Colombia, is causing legitimate concern. Anthony Rubin, founder of and the reporter who captured the video, sheds light on the matter. Many of the individuals recorded are hesitant to reveal their identities, leading to speculation about their intentions. Rubin raises two possibilities: they could be foreign actors with ulterior motives, or they might fear retribution from the Communist Chinese Party.

If the latter scenario holds true, it raises even graver concerns. These individuals, now residing in the United States, could become vulnerable to coercion by the Communist Chinese Party. Their families and friends back home in China may face threats, forcing them to comply with certain demands while residing in the United States. Such a situation poses a significant risk to both the individuals involved and the security of the United States.

Unprecedented Increase in Chinese Nationals Crossing the Border. The data unequivocally demonstrate a significant surge in the influx of Chinese nationals crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Official records from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveal that around 2,000 Chinese nationals entered the country through the border in the entire fiscal year of 2022. However, the initial months of fiscal year 2023 have already witnessed encounters with more than 4,300 Chinese nationals, indicating a deeply concerning escalation. This alarming trend serves as a clear indication of the mounting difficulties faced by the Biden administration in effectively managing immigration control.

Furthermore, the overall surge in migrant encounters in recent years compounds the concerns surrounding Chinese nationals entering the country. In 2021, the Biden administration recorded 1.7 million migrant encounters, followed by a staggering 2.3 million in 2022. These figures emphasize the urgency for robust border security measures to maintain the sovereignty and safety of the United States.

The Search for a Better Life and National Security Concerns. While many migrants from various countries, including China, seek a better life in the United States, the influx of individuals through alternative routes raises substantial concerns regarding national security. The sheer diversity of nationalities among those arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border demands an examination of the underlying causes driving this mass migration.

With over 100 countries represented in recent migrant encounters, the motives behind their decision to come to the United States become a crucial question. Anthony Rubin’s journey through the Darien Gap has left him deeply concerned about America’s national security, underscoring the need for a comprehensive approach to border control.