Disturbing Footage: Migrant Train Racing Toward US Border

Startling video footage reveals migrants hanging from a FerroMex train bound for the U.S. southern border, cheering as they journey towards American soil.

This alarming scene unfolded despite strong messages from the U.S. authorities, explicitly telling migrants, “Do Not Come.”

Border patrols along the southern border are grappling with overwhelming waves of illegal crossings. Ajo, Arizona, witnessed a staggering 2,000 illegal entries daily for an extended period, pushing agents to release migrants on the streets due to overcrowded shelters – a crisis that includes people from Africa.

Last month alone, the Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas was inundated with over 20,000 migrants in Border Patrol custody, as revealed by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source.

These caravans heading toward the southern border consist of families, infants, children, and unaccompanied minors.

While the Biden administration is contemplating compelling migrants to remain in Texas during their asylum screening, it also plans to track them with ankle bracelets upon apprehension. Ironically, the administration is suing Texas for efforts to curtail illegal migration by placing a barrier in the Rio Grande and Arizona for constructing a border barrier out of shipping containers.

The asylum screening would determine their stay in the U.S., and officials are exploring cooperation with local groups for housing solutions.

Since May, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims to have removed or returned over 200,000 people, aiming for a fair and humane immigration process that efficiently handles those without a lawful basis to remain in the country.

Texas has initiated a program to bus migrants to “sanctuary cities” like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to relieve the burden on border towns. Texas Governor Greg Abbott contends that these cities must share the responsibility for illegal immigration, citing statistics of migrants transported to these locations.