Migrant Crisis Takes Unexpected Turn

Newly-obtained documents by The Daily Caller reveal that the International Committee of the Red Cross, along with the American Red Cross, have been providing resources to undocumented immigrants to help them illegally cross the border into the United States. According to the report, the materials include maps and guides that detail the most commonly used routes for migrants to reach cities in Texas and Arizona, such as El Paso, McAllen, and Nogales.

The packet, which features the logos of both Red Cross organizations, provides information on resources available in Mexico and Central America, such as clinics, hotels, and shelters.

The maps included in the packet have clearly defined lines leading directly to cities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Additionally, the packet contains a guide on “self-care” during the journey, including tips on how to survive the desert and disease, how to safely jump on trains, and how to obtain contraceptives.

Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb expressed concerns about the Red Cross’s actions, stating that they did not advise asthmatics to bring inhalers, nor did they advise diabetics to bring their medicine. However, they did recommend that women bring contraceptives, indicating awareness of the potential risks of rape that women face during their journey.

In an interview with Fox News, Lamb called on the American Red Cross to discourage undocumented immigrants from crossing the border illegally, stating that they should not be making it easy for them by providing resources and detailed guides. He stressed the importance of taking action to curb illegal border crossings and called on the Red Cross to play its part in reducing the number of undocumented immigrants entering the country.