Migrant Camp Set ON FIRE!

According to El Blue, an altercation erupted between two migrant couples, spiraling into a chaotic Black Lives Matter (BLM)-style brawl. This eruption culminated in the razing of the camp, situated in one of the most perilous regions of the Americas frequented by migrants.

“Reports indicate that what began as a dispute between two couples swiftly escalated into a riot involving 250 migrants, resulting in widespread vandalism and arson,” El Blue details in the accompanying video.

“These premises, recently spotlighted to reveal the harsh realities within migrant camps, now lie in ruins,” El Blue laments.

El Blue reports that among the 250 involved in incinerating the shelter, 44 have been apprehended. The inferno consumed not only physical structures but also critical databases hosted within the National Immigration Service and the Center for Authorities.

“This facility, valued at over $3 million funded by Panamanian taxpayers and international bodies, has been reduced to ashes,” El Blue notes, tallying the financial loss.

“Not only were the living quarters destroyed—beds, mattresses, and essential amenities—but this was a lifeline for migrants navigating the perilous Darien Gap,” El Blue underscores.

The ramifications ripple beyond the camp’s confines, leaving incoming migrants devoid of sanctuary and exacerbating their journey. Some foresee this as a prelude to turmoil in America, while others question the narrative, speculating ulterior motives behind the blaze.

“Someone sought to erase extensive records,” one observer deduces.

Another ponders the vulnerability of U.S. migrant facilities to similar upheavals, highlighting the fierce competition among migrants.

With the Darien Gap rendered even more hazardous, will it deter migrants from converging on the U.S. border?