LEFT Furiously Backpedals: Claiming ‘Acute & Immediate Need For Help!

We saw it coming…

In less than 48 hours after news broke that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas emphasized the urgent need for physical barriers along the US border, and the Biden administration had waived 26 federal laws to expand the border wall due to a surging influx of immigrants, Mayorkas has made a furious U-turn.

Mayorkas issued a statement, declaring, “There is no new administration policy with respect to the border wall.”

He continued, “From day one, this Administration has made clear that a border wall is not the answer. That remains our position and our position has never wavered. The language in the Federal Register notice is being taken out of context and it does not signify any change in policy whatsoever.”

In an astonishing about-face from years of left-leaning rhetoric, and just months after the Biden administration was caught selling sections of Trump’s border wall on a government surplus website, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is invoking an “acute and immediate need” to bypass numerous federal laws in order to construct a border wall in South Texas as the illegal immigration crisis spirals out of control.

A notice posted on the U.S. Federal Registry, obtained by Fox News, states, “The Secretary of Homeland Security has determined, pursuant to law, that it is necessary to waive certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements in order to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international land border in Starr County, Texas.”

Given the surge in illegal immigration, Mayorkas concluded that there is an “acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border of the United States to prevent unlawful entries into the United States in the project areas.”

This is not satire.

As Ben Whedon reports at JustTheNews.com, the former president’s campaign team viewed Mayorkas’s decision as vindication, telling Fox News, “President Trump is always right. That’s why he built close to 500 miles of powerful new wall on the border, and it would have been finished by now. Instead, Crooked Joe Biden turned our country into one giant sanctuary for dangerous criminal aliens.”

In total, Mayorkas intends to waive 26 federal laws to expedite construction.

It will be interesting to watch the Democrats and their mainstream media supporters try to spin their way out of this.

Three words seem to sum it up perfectly: “Too Freaking Late!”