Leaked Border Invasion Plans (terrible)

Once the “public health emergency” officially ends, the Biden administration is expected to allow tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter through the U.S. border. In an effort to accommodate the influx of migrants, reports suggest that the administration is desperately trying to locate or establish extra holding centers along with the ability to process the migrants.

Expanding the Refugee Settlement Program. The Biden administration has expressed its intention to announce the massive wave of the Latin American population that will be migrating at the border. In addition, officials plan to increase the holding ability for immigrants at the border and test a recent program that aims to accelerate the asylum screening process.

Unless there is unforeseen legal action or intervention from Congress, the Biden administration is expected to “allow” a massive escalation in unauthorized immigration following May 11th, when the border restrictions lift, which have been enforced since 2020.

Processing Options for Migrants. Among the various alternatives under consideration, one involves processing immigrants via Fort Bliss, which is a military installation situated near El Paso, Texas, along the southern border.

According to reports, the United Nations (UN) is participating in deliberations to provide aid in refugee processing for individuals from Latin America who are seeking asylum in the United States.

Understaffed Asylum Program. Michael Knowles, a union representative, disclosed that nearly 500 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) employees with experience with refugees are being tasked with assisting in the primary asylum screenings of undocumented individuals detained at the southern border. Nevertheless, despite this temporary increase in processing personnel, the asylum program still needs to improve in staffing and resources, as only 800 dedicated asylum officers are available.

Record Number of Migrants Caught. When it comes to unauthorized immigration, the United States is currently experiencing one of its most challenging periods under the Biden administration, which has recently revealed its plans to run for re-election in 2024. A historically high number of immigrants have been apprehended attempting to breach the U.S. border while President Biden has been in office.

During a recent testimony to lawmakers, Troy Miller, who is serving as the acting commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), conveyed that he expects a possible upsurge of over ten thousand illegal immigrants per day attempting to enter the United States. This expected increase would be twice the average daily figure recorded in the previous month. Miller guesstimates that there are presently around 660,000 individuals traveling through Mexico currently, intending to reach and cross the U.S. border.