Kill List of Prominent People Discovered

Volodymyr Zelensky, the current president of Ukraine who previously worked as an actor, has attracted attention and faced criticism for reportedly creating a kill list of individuals whom he believes support ideas aligned with Russian propaganda. This list includes prominent figures such as Tucker Carlson(journalists) and Glenn Greenwald, former military and intelligence personnel like Scott Ritter and Col. Douglas McGregor, musician Roger Waters from the band Pink Floyd, and even Steven Seagal(actor).

The query emerges: What is it about these people that makes them pose such a substantial danger to Zelensky to the extent that he considers eliminating them? The explanation can be found in their unwillingness to conform to the globalist viewpoint that revolves around Zelensky’s dispute with Russia and its alleged “special operation” in Ukraine.

President Zelensky took the initiative to create the Ukraine Center for Countering Misinformation, which he portrayed as an apparently impartial monitoring body. Nonetheless, this center has been actively gathering information on prominent individuals who have been accused of promoting a “pro-Russian narrative.” Detractors contend that the center’s claim to independence is highly dubious.

According to David Miller, a writer affiliated with Mint Press News, he alleges that he was added to Zelensky’s list of targeted individuals as a result of his depiction of the conflict in Ukraine as a “proxy war between NATO and Russia.” While this assertion aligns with the factual situation, it seems that Zelensky shows little concern for information that contradicts his preferred storyline.

Exposing the Truth: Ukraine’s Corruption and Nazi Collaboration

According to Zelensky’s viewpoint, individuals who possess influence should adhere to the misconception that Ukraine is an unblemished target of Vladimir Putin’s aggressive actions. However, those who question this narrative by recognizing the widespread corruption within Ukrainian leadership face the possibility of being singled out for scrutiny or harm.

Miller emphasizes the scorn directed towards individuals who have the courage to bring up inconvenient realities, as they are often accused of echoing Putin’s perspectives. In fact, Miller shares his personal experience of being branded an “information terrorist” and potentially being accused of “war crimes” solely because he wrote an article addressing this subject matter.

The reporter additionally claims that being included in Zelensky’s list of targeted individuals highlights the presence of opposing factions that hinder truth and justice in the crime-infested Western regions. Miller has encountered comparable allegations previously, whereby Western nations have labeled him as “antisemitic” solely due to his extensive efforts in revealing Western propaganda endeavors linked to the Zionist movement.

He highlights that the prominence of Nazism in Ukraine is likely to be recognized as a significant characteristic of our time. Moreover, he observes that the dangers posed by the Ukrainian government and its NATO allies towards him and his colleagues arise from their endeavors to unveil the truth: Ukraine’s association with Nazi elements.

The Weaponization of Allegations: Criminalizing Dissent

Similar to various other elements within the Censorship-Industrial Complex, Zelensky’s Center for Countering Misinformation came into existence during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically in March 2021. Coinciding with this, the establishment of a strategic communication center also took place.