Joe Biden’s Bribery “Pay-To-Play” Scheme Brought To Light

Last Thursday, an important announcement was made by Marjorie Taylor Greene, a member of the Republican Party from Georgia. She had taken a close look at a public FBI document named FD-1023. This document suggested that Joe Biden, who used to be Vice President, might have been part of a dishonest deal where money was traded for favors.

Greene made her feelings known on Twitter after reading the document in a place meant for secret information. She told journalists that the document seemed very believable. She also said the accusations against Biden were quite worrying.

The claim is that money was given to Biden’s family by a company named Burisma. This company is in Ukraine, and it works with oil. Hunter Biden, who is Joe Biden’s son, was put on the company’s board.

This all happened back in 2015 and 2016. Burisma wanted to buy an oil and gas company in America. This idea came from advice given by Hunter Biden and his friends. According to Greene, Biden said that a man named Viktor Shokin was dishonest. This was around the same time as a meeting where Biden, acting as vice president, declared that prosecutor Shokin was corrupt.

“Hunter was put on the board to help Burisma avoid problems. They said this very clearly. Hunter suggested that they could earn more money if they purchased a US company. This is why they were being looked into by Prosecutor Shokin. But there was a person advising them not to do this. They asked why Burisma would want to buy another US company when they were already being investigated. They believed this wasn’t a smart move,” Greene stated. “The adviser also mentioned that they paid $5 million to one Biden and another $5 million to a different Biden. All of this was done to get Shokin fired and stop the investigation into Burisma.”

A whistleblower – someone who exposes wrongdoing – had apparently given proof that Biden was part of corrupt ‘pay-for-play’ schemes when he was vice president. This person has been used often by the FBI since Obama’s time as president and is considered very believable.

A similar statement was made by Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican from Florida after she examined the document.

Fox News, a big news company, reported that this person has said that the former Vice President “was part of a dishonest bribery deal with someone from a different country” and has been “a trusted source for the FBI…used in various investigations” since the time Obama was in office.

It was also reported that James Comer, who leads the House Oversight Committee, and Chuck Grassley, a Senator from Iowa, were recently told by a whistleblower that the FBI had a document (the FD-1023 form) from June 30, 2020. This document allegedly has detailed information given by a trusted source.

According to this source, the document says that Biden, during his time as Vice President, was part of a dishonest bribery deal that involved $5 million. The deal allegedly involved a person from a foreign country and was meant to gain control over policy decisions, Fox News said.

The source also told Fox that this trusted person was “regularly checked by the FBI” and has always been found to be “very believable.” This person has also taken part in various investigations during the Obama administration.