It’s Really Happening: We Were Warned and Now It’s Here!

Colleges and corporate America are alarmingly rushing to reimpose draconian COVID mask mandates and intrusive contact tracing, shockingly without a single new case of the virus being reported.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution unveiled that Morris Brown College, an African-American private liberal arts institution, has swiftly jumped the gun to reintroduce these measures as a so-called “precautionary step.”

Strikingly, these changes are being implemented just a week into the new academic year. Students and faculty are expected to don masks, with the college ambiguously pointing to “reports of positive cases among students in the Atlanta University Center,” a group of historically black institutions in Atlanta’s west end.

And what’s the duration of this “precautionary” overreach? A whole two weeks, encompassing not just masks, but also enforced social distancing, invasive temperature checks, and a ban on large gatherings.

The always vocal Alex Jones of Infowars forewarned his audience just last week that the return of these authoritarian measures was imminent.

Shifting gears to the corporate realm, the renowned California film studio, Lionsgate, is tightening the noose on personal freedoms. The company has reintroduced a mask mandate at its Santa Monica base, dictating that “Employees must don a medical grade mask at all times indoors unless they’re alone behind closed doors or sipping their morning coffee.”

Meanwhile, LA County Public Health continues to stoke panic by suggesting higher-risk individuals mask up. They contend that COVID cases are seeing an uptick but grudgingly concede that hospitalizations remain minimal.

The mainstream media, predictably, continues to perpetuate this narrative of a phantom “COVID comeback.”