**In case you did not know, there are two tiers of “justice” at the federal level: one for the elite and the bought-off, and another for those outside the inner circle of corruption that controls Washington, D.C.**

In former President Donald Trump’s case, he apparently belongs to the latter category while numerous members of Congress involved in a massive, multi-million-dollar “hush money” corruption scheme belong to the former.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) dropped a bombshell tweet, revealing that certain members of Congress have collectively spent $17 million stolen from taxpayers to cover up sexual harassment claims filed against them. Yes, you read that right: $17 million. But don’t worry, these virtuous champions of the public trust haven’t faced a single charge for their criminal activities. Meanwhile, Trump is getting clobbered over $130,000 of his own money that he spent to cover up his personal scandals.

Trump was convicted of an astounding 34 different felonies for not disclosing his $130,000 hush money payment. Congress, however? They continue their bribery and misuse of public funds with nary a slap on the wrist.

Dr. Jane Ruby was not impressed with Massie’s tweet, seeing as how he is part of the very congressional club that he is publicly condemning.

“You talk about it like you’re not part of it, like you’re not on the inside of the very thing you are complaining about,” Ruby tweeted. “You’re like the bank robber yelling out the window that the bank is being robbed, what the h*** do you want us to do about it – you’re controlling it!! What a fraud, clean up your own s***, clean up the People’s House, ‘Representative.'”

Massie is probably one of the better ones, to be fair. The Nation ran a piece last week introducing its readers to “the Kentucky Republican who beat AIPAC,” referring to Massie. The piece basically praised Massie for standing up to what it describes as “the powerful pro-Israel group.”

AIPAC has so far spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking the Republican incumbent for opposing U.S. military interventionism and military aid packages for foreign countries, including Israel. “That stance has drawn sharp criticism from neoconservatives in general, who worry about the return of the sort of old-school Republican isolationism that reflexively opposed military interventions and foreign aid packages, and in particular from AIPAC, which has objected to his many votes against aid to Israel, as well as his rejection of resolutions backing Netanyahu’s government,” writes The Nation’s John Nichols about Massie, who describes himself as a “true conservative.”

Massie, never one to miss a chance to shoot back, responded to Ruby’s tweet with mockery.

“I love that a fake Dr. is using the word fraud. lol,” Massie wrote. One user thanked Massie for being “the only one to object to the Cares Act,” during the contrived Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic.”

So, here we are, folks: a former president crucified for a mere $130,000 while our esteemed Congress members quietly siphon millions to cover up their dirty laundry. If this doesn’t reek of hypocrisy and corruption, then what does? It’s high time we cleaned house – literally and figuratively.

Stay informed, stay skeptical, and for heaven’s sake, hold these frauds accountable.