Hollywood Actor Found DEAD In Woods

Cole Brings Plenty, a 27-year-old Native American actor known for his role in the Paramount+ series “1923,” a prequel to “Yellowstone,” was found deceased in a wooded area of Johnson County, Kansas. His disappearance followed a reported domestic violence incident, which led to a police response to a distress call from a woman. Although the suspect had fled the scene by the time authorities arrived, Brings Plenty was later identified on video footage departing in a white 2005 Ford Explorer with Kansas plates, heading towards Highway 59.

Subsequently, Brings Plenty missed an audition for an upcoming feature film, as noted by his agent, Peter Yanke. In connection with the domestic violence report, the local police submitted a request for an arrest warrant for Brings Plenty, though details of the incident have been withheld to protect the victim’s privacy.

The search for Brings Plenty intensified when police received tips about an abandoned vehicle near 200th and Homestead Lane. Upon investigating, officers discovered Brings Plenty’s body a short distance from the vehicle.

The actor’s father, Joe Brings Plenty Sr., confirmed his son’s death, expressing his deep sorrow and gratitude toward the community for their support during this challenging time. “I am deeply saddened to confirm that my son, Cole, has been found and is no longer with us,” he stated.

Before his untimely death, Cole Brings Plenty was actively involved in his acting career and was supported by his uncle, Moses Brings Plenty, who had initiated a campaign on social media to locate his nephew following his disappearance.