Google Just Jumped in Bed with the Enemy

Tech titan Google, in cahoots with global entities like the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), is devising an audacious censorship plot to silence free speech globally, raising alarming concerns about Orwellian overreach.

LaToya Drake, the puppet-in-chief of Google’s News Lab, unveiled this egregious assault on free speech, euphemistically naming it “Fact Check Tools” to “improve information quality.” However, an astute observer highlighted its actual sinister intent: “to snuff out any voice contradicting Google’s chosen narrative.”

Ironically, the Google News Lab, notorious for its fake news propaganda, claims its noble mission is to “partner with journalists to combat misinformation.”

For those unacquainted with Google’s machinations, GNI (Google News Initiative) is the company’s Orwellian department committed to censoring any narrative not sanctioned by the corporate overlords.

Footage shows Drake zealously coaching “fact checkers” and handpicked journalists to weaponize Google’s “Data Commons” – a tool crafted for manipulating the truth in news:

From as early as the 2016 elections, Google has sinisterly plotted to obliterate any independent news source, furthering a globalist agenda.

Here’s where Google’s censorship juggernaut is focusing its energy:

  1. Manipulating Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) data
  2. Controlling narratives around the World Bank
  3. Suppression of FBI crime statistics
  4. Distorting global warming facts as peddled by the WHO and the UN

Under the pretext of the “pandemic,” Google seems hell-bent on squashing any skepticism about its authenticity or questions on the rushed vaccines rolled out under Operation Warp Speed.

The World Bank, an epicenter of globalist meddling, is closely guarded by Google to ensure no trace of the truth slips through.

Google’s censorship of the FBI’s crime data seems specifically directed to hide certain uncomfortable truths related to crime demographics.

Additionally, Google’s “fact-checking” machinery ensures any climate change discourse strictly adheres to the globalist script.

This insidious initiative by Google is the offspring of the UN’s Global Digital Compact – a blueprint designed to muzzle any narrative that displeases the elites.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, cloaked in the garb of “trustworthy content,” hailed Google’s tyrannical approach, stating, “These challenges aren’t trivial. Hence, we back joint endeavors, enabling giants like Google to transparently impose policies, disregarding political affiliations. We champion authoritative voices, curbing the dissemination of harmful narratives.”

Moreover, Google’s covert “Jigsaw” squad is pioneering censorship techniques like information “prebunking,” designed to terminate potentially viral “misinformation” even before it sees the light of day.