FOX News Makes Another Shake-Up

Fox News Primetime Lineup Shakeup: Speculation Surrounds Potential Changes. In the midst of widespread rumors and speculation, Fox News is said to be making preparations for a programming lineup that is described as their “most audacious and daring” to date. As per the Drudge Report, it has been indicated that Sean Hannity is being considered to assume the highly sought-after 8 PM ET timeslot, which was previously held by Tucker Carlson. This potential development has garnered considerable attention and discussion in the media industry.

Jesse Watters’ Show Moves to 9 PM ET. In a significant restructuring, Jesse Watters, the anchor of the program “Jesse Watters Primetime,” is reportedly preparing to shift from his existing time slot at 7 PM Eastern Time to the 9 PM Eastern Time position. Watters, recognized for his captivating and energetic hosting approach, has built a devoted following, making this change a noteworthy development within Fox News’ programming lineup.

Greg Gutfeld’s “The Greg Gutfeld Show” Shifts to 10 PM. A significant modification in the primetime schedule of Fox News includes the relocation of “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” hosted by Greg Gutfeld. Currently broadcasted at 11 PM, the program is scheduled to be moved to the 10 PM slot. Gutfeld is renowned for his clever humor and perceptive analysis, and he has become a notable figure on the network. This adjustment is intended to maximize the show’s achievements by placing it in a more prominent timeslot.

Uncertainty Surrounding Laura Ingraham’s Time Slot. The possibility of lineup adjustments has raised concerns about the future of “The Ingraham Angle,” hosted by Laura Ingraham. There is speculation about whether she will continue to occupy the 10 PM timeslot or if she will be moved to a different position in the programming schedule. The lack of clarity regarding Ingraham’s show has generated additional interest and inquisitiveness among viewers of Fox News.

Fox News Releases Statement Addressing Rumors and Reports. In response to the multitude of reports and online conjecture, Fox News released a statement to counter the circulating rumors. The network clarified that it has not made any final decisions regarding a new primetime lineup and emphasized that it is currently exploring several different scenarios. Furthermore, Fox News addressed the inaccuracies present in certain reports, which were influenced by tweets from left-wing activists. The network affirmed that Laura Ingraham, who holds the distinction of being the highest-rated woman in cable news, will continue to play a vital role in the network’s lineup.

Although the statement provides clarification that Ingraham will remain with the network, it does not explicitly confirm whether she will keep her 10 PM timeslot. As the situation unfolds, viewers and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting additional updates.

Rumors and Shakeup Sparked by Tucker Carlson’s Departure. The origin of the recent rumors can be traced back to the end of April when Fox News made an official announcement regarding Tucker Carlson’s departure from the network. Subsequently, various reports have surfaced, providing insights into the factors that led to Carlson’s exit.

As per a report from, it was conveyed to Tucker Carlson by network executives that his departure from Fox News was a result of the network’s substantial $787.5 million defamation settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.