Exposed: Their Secret Plan to Destroy America – Will it Work?

The United States is facing a grave and pervasive threat to its democracy, and it is much bigger than the oligarch problem faced by Putin in 2000. The West, as a whole, is now under the control of billionaire elites who hold a stranglehold on key institutions, including the media and the political establishment. These oligarchs have expanded their influence from markets, finance, and trade to social issues, public health, and politics in recent years. The impact of this group has been nothing short of breathtaking, as they have effectively shaped the narrative in these areas of interest.

The media and establishment elites have supported various events such as Russiagate, Trump impeachment, BLM riots, the January 6 incident, Covid hysteria, and oppressive measures imposed in the name of public health. The degree to which this group is involved in shaping events to transform the American Republic into a more authoritarian system is a pressing concern.

The question arises whether the mandated injections, forced lockdowns, government-imposed censorship, controversial presidential elections, destruction of food processing plants and train derailments, attacks on power grids, BLM-Antifa riots, drag queen shows for schoolchildren, intense focus on gender issues, and high-profile show-trials are simply random events occurring during a period of social upheaval, or whether they are indicative of a clandestinely orchestrated operation by state agents acting on behalf of their elite patrons.

It is a matter of record that the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence agencies were directly implicated in Russiagate, a covert assault on the US President then. The question now is not whether these agencies are engaged in other acts of malfeasance but rather to what extent their actions affect the lives of average Americans, the country’s politics, and the nation.

During a recent interview, Colonel Douglas MacGregor highlighted a document written by George Soros over a decade ago, where Soros called for an all-out war against Russia, perceiving it as the last nationalist state resting on a foundation of orthodox Christian culture with Russian identity at its core, which had to be removed. According to Soros, the people in charge in the West and Washington have effectively erased the identities of European and American peoples, leaving borders undefended and laws meaningless. MacGregor believes this assessment accurately reflects recent events, representing a major victory for Soros and the globalists.

Globalist billionaires view Christians and patriots as impediments to their objective of creating a borderless, one-world government. This outlook on Soros encapsulates this sentiment of disdain. The January 6 protestors were rounded up and thrown into the Washington gulag, not because there was an “insurrection” or “white supremacists,” but because they were nationalists (patriots), who are the natural enemy of the globalists. The elites believe that nationalists cannot be persuaded by propaganda and must be eradicated through incarceration or worse. This is the underlying message of January 6.

One of the key takeaways from the events of January 6 is the implicit message that ordinary citizens can no longer question the authority of those in power. In the United States, political legitimacy has traditionally been determined through elections. However, the events of January 6 suggest that power, rather than legitimacy, has become the primary consideration. Individuals who challenge the authority of those in power now risk arrest and suppression, effectively giving those in positions of authority unchecked power over those they govern.

Despite the challenges facing the United States today, it’s important to remember that there is still hope for a better future. Thankfully we still have some elite’s who are standing up for America. Elon Musk and a few other business leaders are beginning to stand up to these A-holes.  Hopeful we can get others to wake up and join forces before it’s too late.