Entrepreneurs Battle City’s Unjust Assault!

An entrepreneur from Los Angeles charges city rule keepers with an unfair approach. He’s been singled out for having a portable sidewalk sign outside his store while the city turns a blind eye to nearby homeless settlements, according to Fox News.

On a chat with “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt this past Wednesday, Arik Air, the boss of Motostyles, a store for motorcycle fans, explained his store had multiple surprise visits in June. The reason? A portable sign outside his shop. Yet, Air feels his calls to the city are falling on deaf ears.

Air was contacted not once or twice in June but five times about this sidewalk sign. The city wanted him to move it off their land. However, Air argues his territory is more significant than the city’s beliefs.

Previously, Air was slapped with a ticket for displaying an American flag outside his shop. A city worker told him he was fined $461 for having a “flag banner.”

Speaking to Earhardt, Air shared his frustrations. He argued that whether his sidewalk sign stands a tiny bit or a whole lot on city ground, it’s his, not the city’s. He even backed up his argument with an online survey showing his property extends further than the city thinks.

But what makes Air upset is that city officials seem to find time to fuss over his sign but can’t spare a minute to deal with the rising homeless situation in the area.

Air mentioned that city officials “don’t seem to care.” They can always stop by his shop to give him grief over his sign but can’t spare the time for the homeless issue.

All these fines and surprise inspections have asked Air if he should stick around in California. He revealed to Earhardt that one of the businesses he cooperates with has already packed up and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.