DEADLY Disease – Star BREAKS Silence

A simple headache exploded into a medical nightmare for movie star and comedian Jamie Foxx.

The funnyman has recently opened up about a medical problem that landed him an extended stay in the hospital last year. While talking to fans in Phoenix, Arizona, Foxx regaled them with the tale of the headache that went crazy. A sudden and unusually severe headache was followed by a rapid decline in his health generally. Foxx ended up staying in the hospital for twenty days when all was said and done.

Foxx says that he doesn’t remember much of what happened, and has had to piece things together from what he’s been told, and the exact nature of the medical condition has, so far, been kept private. Foxx has promised, however, that he will eventually share all the details in a stand-up comedy routine. During his acceptance speech at the African American Film Critics Association ceremony, at which he received a Producer’s Award, Foxx hinted that the ultimate disclosure might come in the form of a televised special.

Foxx has said that his entire view of life has changed as a result of his medical adventure, and that his emotional reaction to many parts of life has changed and deepened. Since his recovery, he’s had a good deal of fun joking about the rumors that flew during his hopitalization—such as that he had somehow been cloned.

According to a social media post by his daughter Corinne, the willingness to go to the hospital early, and the quick and careful response of the doctors on his case are to thank for the strength of Foxx’s recovery.

In the year since, Foxx has gradually rebuilt his strength health. In a July Instagram 2023 post he shared his gratitude for his survival and his conflicted feelings about the public outpouring of concern that he experienced—grateful on one hand, but embarrassed to be seen in such a vulnerable position.