Dark Agenda: Gene-Edited SUPER SOLDIERS Being Created

From science fiction to the perilous theater of modern geopolitics, the narrative of super soldiers has remained a constant source of fear and fascination. One investigative journalist alleges that this unsettling vision has already come to pass – with the world’s most populous country, Communist China, standing at the helm.

Emerging Shadows from the East. An independent journalist, who serves as a contributor for the Epoch Times, recently suggested during a segment of the “Thrivetime Show” that China is making startling advances in a dark, new frontier: the creation of super soldiers. Leveraging advanced technologies like gene editing and mind-controlled weaponry, it is purported that the Chinese government is augmenting its military might in order to suppress any opposition.

“The process has been underway for years as they strive to engineer these so-called super soldiers,” the journalist shared. “Such inhumane endeavors have been rumored for a long time. The rest of the world, especially Americans, needs to wake up to this threat. The future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren is at stake.”

The journalist’s claims were ignited after watching a Fox News report dating back to December 2021, which stated that “U.S. intelligence has found evidence of China using high-tech equipment to bolster their armed forces, potentially threatening global peace.”

The Web of Espionage: Unraveling the Five Eyes Alliance. The conversation then turned to another critical issue — cyber espionage. Reports have emerged that China-backed hackers are infiltrating U.S. critical infrastructure, as confirmed by the intel alliance known as Five Eyes and tech behemoth Microsoft. This operation, one of the largest known cyber espionage campaigns against the U.S., adds a new chapter to the long history of Chinese spying on Western nations.

A joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) issued by authorities in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand highlighted, “We have recently identified a flurry of activity linked to a Chinese state-sponsored cyber actor, dubbed as ‘Volt Typhoon.'”

Microsoft noted that Volt Typhoon has been operative since mid-2021, setting its sights on vital infrastructure in Guam, a strategic U.S. military outpost in the Pacific. The tech giant added that “the observed behavior suggests an intent to execute espionage and maintain stealthy access for as long as possible.”

The Complex Web of Dependency: China as a Major War Manufacturer. According to the journalist, the U.S.’s potential response is complicated by its dependence on China, notably in the realm of military manufacturing. “Billions of dollars are still being invested in China, aiding the regime. Primarily because China plays a key role as a war manufacturer. Therefore, immediate decoupling isn’t feasible as a large portion of the supply chain is controlled by China,” he stated.

He also pointed out the corporate stronghold the U.S. has in China, which makes severing ties a complex endeavor. Major corporations, such as Apple and Nike, he argued, could almost be labeled as Chinese companies due to their significant presence in the country.

A Grim Market: Organ Harvesting and Medical Tourism in China. The investigative journalist also raised concerns about the world’s reliance on China for more gruesome practices — organ harvesting and medical tourism. He alleges that the Chinese Communist regime has been killing its prisoners and selling their organs on a state-sanctioned black market, often catering to affluent individuals, high-ranking government officials, and, alarmingly, foreigners.

Drawing attention to a report published by an international human rights lawyer, David Kilgour, back in 2006, the journalist revealed the existence of large storage facilities for harvested organs. This ghoulish trade, he claimed, is linked to secret “transplant tours” conducted in neighboring countries from 2004 to 2010.

The terrifying implication of his revelations is that the world is not just dealing with the creation of super soldiers but also the alleged commodification of human lives in pursuit of organs. In light of these alarming claims, one thing remains clear: a thorough, transparent, and global investigation is required to bring the truth to light and secure a safer future for all.