Coastal Chaos: Boatloads of Illegals

While the nation closely watches the relentless invasion of Texas’ southern border by thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande and hopping over razor wire, it’s crucial to recognize that other states are also under attack. California, in particular, witnesses a weekly influx of illegal immigrants sneaking into the country by boat.

Jorge Ventura Media shared a video on X Thursday, revealing a group of illegal immigrants reaching the shore of a La Jolla, California beach. Upon landing, the group swiftly enters vehicles and scatters through the neighborhoods. An eyewitness estimates around 30 illegal immigrants, including men, women, and children, were on the boat.

Disturbingly, sirens blare, and a patrol car is spotted as the illegals cross the street right in front of the vehicle. A young child comes to a halt in the middle of the street, being pulled toward a residential neighborhood. This incident is not an isolated one; illegal immigrants frequently enter the U.S. via California by boat. Just 90 minutes before the La Jolla episode, a boat carrying illegals split in half off Sunset Cliffs, with at least five people making it ashore, according to Border Patrol.

Last month, another video circulated, revealing a group of illegal immigrants climbing from their panga boat and walking on the shore of a beach in Malibu, close to Hollywood homes. Panga boats, high-bowed vessels usually employed for smuggling people or drugs, are becoming a common sight.

Unfortunately, such incidents have become the norm in California, with no one being detained in each occurrence. Many speculate that the surge in illegals entering the state is linked to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) left-wing policies. Starting this year, illegal immigrants are entitled to free healthcare in California, making it the first state to implement such a policy.

As if this policy wasn’t outrageous enough, illegal immigrants in the state can also receive gender reassignment surgery, all at the taxpayers’ expense. In stark contrast to Texas, California openly welcomes illegal immigrants and exhibits no effort to deter them. Perhaps Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will contemplate busing illegals to California in response to this lax approach.