CNN Drops Biden Bombshell

In a surprising turn, CNN’s senior data reporter, Harry Enten, has highlighted a significant shift in the political landscape, emphasizing President Trump’s current lead over Biden. This deviation from the 2020 election dynamics marks a notable departure from previous trends observed in the electoral cycle.

With both candidates securing their party nominations, Trump currently holds a slim two-point advantage over Biden, as indicated by the RealClearPolitics average. Enten underscores the stark contrast from four years ago when Trump consistently trailed in the polls, never once taking the lead.

Speaking on “CNN News Central,” Enten elucidated, “The national polling on March 13th offers a stark contrast to four years ago. Back then, Biden enjoyed an eight-point lead. Trump’s current marginal lead of two points signifies a remarkable shift in the campaign landscape.”

Turning to the Electoral College, Enten emphasized its pivotal role in determining the election outcome, transcending the popular vote. “It’s all about the electoral college,” he remarked, highlighting Trump’s current advantage with 272 projected electoral votes, surpassing the required 270.

Enten’s analysis delves into battleground states, noting shifts favoring Trump. “States like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia are leaning towards Trump, marking a departure from the previous election cycle. Even traditionally Democratic states like Nevada are showing signs of shifting Republican,” he explained.

In essence, Enten’s analysis underscores the evolving political climate, where Trump emerges with an unexpected edge in the electoral college, contrasting sharply with the 2020 campaign’s trajectory.