China’s Hypersonic Missile Will Be Unstoppable To US Defense Systems

The United States 20-year pursuit of Taliban and Iraqi fighters in the Middle East has allowed China to develop cutting-edge missile technology that surpasses any known American defense systems. Recently, a set of Pentagon files reportedly leaked by Jack Teixeira revealed concerning information about China’s hypersonic missile program. Among them was a top-secret report from the Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence directorate dated February 28, which disclosed that China had successfully tested a new missile capable of eluding US defenses.

The leaked documents revealed that China conducted a test of its latest missile, the DF-27, on February 25. This missile is part of the Dongfeng series of hypersonic intermediate-range ballistic missiles, all of which have the capability to carry nuclear warheads. However, the DF-27, in particular, was identified as having a high likelihood of successfully penetrating the US ballistic missile defense system, as per the report.

Equipped with a hypersonic glide vehicle, the missile can achieve a speed exceeding five times the speed of sound and has the ability to maneuver in-flight, making it considerably difficult to intercept. The missile’s successful test flight lasted for 12 minutes and traversed a distance of 2,100 kilometers, demonstrating its remarkable long-range capability.

According to a Defense Department report cited by The Washington Post in 2021, the range of the DF-27 missile is considerably higher than previously reported. The missile is capable of striking any target in East or Southeast Asia and a significant portion of the Pacific, including Guam.

As per the leaked documents, China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army, had deployed multiple versions of the new missile capable of targeting both land and sea-based objectives in the preceding year.

These revelations arrive during a period of heightened tension, with growing concerns about the security of Taiwan. Reports disclosed that China had deployed its new helicopter-carrying assault ship, Yushen LHA-31, for an extended operation, which marks the ship’s inaugural deployment.

Apart from its hypersonic missile program, China’s military is also engaged in developing a supersonic anti-ship missile that outperforms conventional torpedoes. This missile measures 16ft 5in and can achieve maximum speeds of 2.5 times the speed of sound. It can operate at an altitude of around 32,800 feet, covering a distance of 124 miles before submerging and gliding over the water’s surface for up to 12.4 miles. Upon approaching the intended target at approximately 6.2 miles, the missile will switch to torpedo mode, propelling underwater at speeds of up to 100 meters per second with the aid of super-cavitation. This technique generates a large air bubble around the missile, resulting in a significant reduction in drag.

The US military, under Joe Biden’s administration, appears more focused on protecting “trans” troops and their chosen genders than addressing China’s advances in missile technology.