Biden’s Underground Migration Maneuver

Amidst American citizens’ financial struggles, the Biden administration’s agenda takes a peculiar turn, extending “loans” to illegal migrants globally, facilitating their unauthorized entry into the United States.

Under the United Nations (UN) IOM Migration Program, in collaboration with the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, the Biden administration is allocating U.S. taxpayer funds to illegal migrants, offering them interest-free “loans.” Notably, these migrants are exempt from repaying these “loans” once they arrive in the U.S.

According to the program’s website, these “penalty and interest-free loans” are exclusively available to illegal aliens, requiring only a promissory note before their departure, with no consequences for non-repayment. Funds collected from repaid loans are channeled into a revolving fund jointly managed by the Department of State and IOM, ostensibly to cover future refugee travel expenses.

The U.S. Congress, with bipartisan representation, is responsible for financing this contentious program, prompting outcry among concerned citizens who question its legitimacy. Calls to action urge citizens to voice their opposition to such initiatives and demand accountability from elected officials.

Critics highlight the paradox of prioritizing illegal migrants over struggling American citizens, exacerbating concerns over sovereignty and the rule of law. The proliferation of these controversial programs underscores a growing rift between government actions and the interests of its citizens.

As discontent mounts, citizens demand transparency and accountability, calling for an end to taxpayer-funded initiatives that prioritize illegal migrants over American citizens. In the face of ongoing economic challenges, the disparity in financial support between citizens and illegal migrants fuels public outrage and intensifies calls for reform.