Biden’s Daughter Faces Tax Lien Drama

Recent reports indicate that Ashley Biden, daughter of President Joe Biden, is facing a tax lien for over $5,000 in unpaid assessments. This lien, dating from January 1, 2015, to January 1, 2021, encompasses the period when her father was vice president and just before he became president. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Philadelphia County office has filed this lien, impacting Ashley Biden’s property until the debt is cleared.

This development adds another layer to the existing concerns about the Biden family’s financial dealings, their involvement in international business, and issues related to unpaid taxes.

Garrett Ziegler, founder of the watchdog group Marco Polo and a former aide to President Donald Trump, highlighted the contradiction in this situation. Ziegler pointed out that while President Biden often criticizes wealthy individuals for not paying their fair share of taxes, it’s ironic that his own children have had issues with unpaid taxes. He suggested that more caution should be exercised by the first family in such matters, particularly in an election year.

Ashley Biden is known for her role as a social worker and philanthropist, with past involvement in criminal justice reform, social work, and activism at the Delaware Center for Justice.

In a related development, Hunter Biden, the president’s son, is now facing federal tax evasion charges. The indictment in Los Angeles alleges that he failed to pay or properly report $1.4 million in federal taxes over four years, involving three felony and six misdemeanor charges. Court documents reveal that despite his failure to pay taxes, Hunter Biden continued to spend extravagantly on his lifestyle and other activities.

The disclosure of Ashley Biden’s tax lien underscores the need for transparency and ethical behavior among political figures and their families. It also intensifies the debate over tax fairness and political integrity, particularly in the context of President Biden’s stance on enforcing tax collection.