Biden Goes MIA As Americans Are Attack

In the aftermath of a brutal terrorist attack on Israel that claimed over 700 lives, including American citizens, President Joe Biden’s response has come under intense scrutiny. With at least nine Americans dead and others held hostage by the Palestinian terror group Hamas, many expected the President to respond swiftly and decisively. However, Biden’s actions have left many disappointed.

Biden has made just one public statement about the tragedy, delivering a brief speech on Saturday morning. He declined to take questions from reporters over the weekend, instead opting to attend a White House BBQ party with a live band.

Despite facing significant backlash for hosting a party while Americans and Israelis faced dire circumstances, Biden’s administration made further missteps. The President took off early on Monday, with the White House confirming that he would not be making any more public appearances.

Biden’s continued silence on Monday, even after Hamas threatened to harm civilian hostages, drew further criticism. Critics noted that the White House’s social media posts seemed out of touch with the ongoing attacks, discussing unrelated topics such as abortion, junk fees, and job numbers.

Conservative commentators and politicians expressed their dismay at the President’s handling of the situation. Some questioned his absence and inability to respond effectively to the crisis. Senator Tom Cotton criticized Biden for appearing overwhelmed and paralyzed in the face of the tragedy, partly attributing this to his approach to Iran.

The President’s response, or lack thereof, has left many Americans frustrated and concerned about the nation’s leadership during a crisis. Critics argue that this situation highlights the need for a more robust and proactive approach from the Biden administration.