Biden Gets Nailed By New Testimony

A former business associate of the Biden family, Tony Bobulinski, dropped bombshell accusations against Joe Biden during a House interview on Tuesday.

Bobulinski, who has been vocal about his claims since 2020, alleges that Joe Biden was deeply entangled in his son’s overseas business dealings. However, these assertions remain unverified, and some key witnesses have disputed them.

In his testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Bobulinski asserted, “Joe Biden was not merely a passive player in his family’s business affairs; he actively facilitated them, shielded by a complex strategy to maintain plausible deniability.” He specifically cited transactions involving Joe Biden’s son and brother, attributing them to Biden’s high-ranking political position. He singled out a deal with a Chinese energy company, characterizing it as “the Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.”

These allegations surfaced just before the 2020 elections when Bobulinski attempted to garner media attention, including from the Wall Street Journal. While the Journal did cover the story, it highlighted that the Chinese deal never materialized, and there was no evidence implicating Joe Biden.

During his testimony, Bobulinski claimed to have met with Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss these business ventures.

However, Representative Jamie Raskin, a prominent Democrat on the committee, cast doubt on Bobulinski’s narrative, asserting that his interactions with Biden were brief and unrelated to business matters. “He provides no indication of any criminal wrongdoing by President Biden. There is no insinuation or proof that President Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings,” Raskin declared.

Despite Bobulinski’s public airing of allegations in 2020, he noted that major federal agencies such as the Justice Department, FBI, or IRS have not reached out to him. Although he did converse with the FBI in October 2020, there was no subsequent follow-up.

Additionally, Rob Walker contradicted Bobulinski’s assertions in a separate interview, dismissing them as “bewildering” and “baseless,” firmly asserting that Bobulinski’s motivations are purely political.