Biden ‘Crime Family’ Making Millions More

In a recent appearance on Newsmax TV, Representative Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, delved into the ongoing multimillion-dollar corruption case, shedding light on his concerns regarding the Biden family’s financial activities. Burchett did not mince words, accusing the Biden family of potentially amassing over $40 million through what he described as “selling influence.”

“This crime family is on track to receiving over $40 million, I mean it’s just every two or three weeks something new is developed in this thing,” Burchett asserted, as he continued to voice his concerns over the unfolding situation.

These remarks came amidst escalating efforts by House Republicans to intensify their investigation into the Biden family, marking a significant step forward in their impeachment inquiry, a move staunchly opposed by Democrats. This inquiry, they argue, represents a critical test of the extent of congressional oversight.

Burchett also raised questions about the financial practices of the Biden family, particularly focusing on Hunter Biden. “Why would Hunter Biden have over 100 bank accounts? I mean that’s just totally ridiculous, and I think the point that really needs to be made is that no one has shown where any of the Biden family has paid any taxes on this money,” Burchett added, drawing parallels between their financial dealings and the scrutiny faced by ordinary citizens in their interactions with the IRS.

The investigative efforts have culminated in the issuance of subpoenas to several members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, James Biden, and former business associate Rob Walker, who are all expected to participate in depositions. Additionally, requests have been extended to Sara Biden and Hallie Biden, relatives of Joe Biden, to partake in voluntary interviews.

Republicans have been actively probing the Biden family since January, alleging a history of “influence peddling” dating back to Biden’s vice-presidential tenure under Barack Obama. Representative James Comer, who leads the investigation, asserts that substantial evidence exists pointing to Biden’s misuse of power and dishonesty in his dealings related to his son’s business activities.

Burchett expressed skepticism regarding the potential impact of these revelations on public opinion and media coverage, emphasizing that the evidence “will never be enough for the left-wing media and the lapdogs of this administration … but the American public sees it.”

Concluding his remarks, Burchett reiterated his belief that Biden’s tenure as the Democratic nominee might be nearing its conclusion: “I still predict he will not be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. They’re hung up with this guy, and they’re all going to be shed of him pretty soon, I suspect.”