Airline Pilot Exposes Government Chemtrail Operations

In a recent interview with Drake Michigan host Ant Critchley, an anonymous airline pilot with 34 years of experience revealed startling information about a government chemtrail operation in the United Kingdom. According to the pilot, this operation involves importing transporter aircraft from the U.S. and employing multiple shell companies to profit from clandestine experiments in the skies.

The anonymous pilot, who has flown over 26 different aircraft types and worked for both the military and commercial airlines, admitted that he initially considered chemtrails to be conspiracy theory. However, recent experiences have led him to change his perspective.

After conducting a thorough investigation, the pilot claims that the chemtrailing aircraft operate from several UK airports, including Newquay, Southampton, Stansted, Teesside, Prestwick, and Liverpool. These aircraft allegedly spray chemtrails over Cornwall in South West England and major cities such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester.

The pilot’s awareness of chemtrails began when a first officer brought up the subject of geoengineering and weather modification. Initially skeptical, the pilot’s views shifted about three years ago when he observed a low-flying plane leaving unusual trails that could not be scientifically explained as contrails. During a meeting with friends, the pilot noticed a grid of lines in the sky, approximately 10 miles long, with 13 shorter two- or three-mile lines intersecting them. These lines remained visible for about 40 minutes.

Suspicious of these phenomena, the pilot contacted a colleague at the local airport who had access to surveillance/tracking software called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). The pilot asked the colleague to identify a plane flying at around 12,000 to 13,000 feet and creating the peculiar grid patterns. Although the colleague confirmed an aircraft at 10,000 feet, the elevation difference was crucial in distinguishing between contrails and chemtrails.

Contrails, composed of water vapor ice crystals, typically form at higher altitudes, around 28,000 feet, under specific humidity conditions. As altitude increases, temperatures drop, and the air’s capacity to hold water vapor diminishes. Contrails are visible when these conditions align. However, at lower altitudes, such as 10,000 to 12,000 feet, contrails should not form due to the temperature and humidity levels.

Chemical trails, or chemtrails, are believed to be dispersed from transport planes at these lower altitudes. The suspicious aircraft identified on that day was creating visible grid patterns at an elevation unsuitable for contrails. Moreover, the spraying could not be attributed to an operation for cleaning up oil spills, the aircraft’s licensed purpose.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect plane was registered with a British company named 2Excel Aviation Broadsword. This company had imported two Boeing 727 cargo planes from the U.S., originally intended for oil spill cleanup. However, these planes were allegedly involved in activities beyond their designated purpose.